Agent Chaos
Am an Agent of Korse, the leader of S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W.

Am dead from the core out. For this reason, it is most likely unwise to ask for mercy. All will receive is metal.

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Agent Chaos: Agent log #224



Small one was sent back to rebel unit somewhere to the east in exchange for leader’s surrender. Hope local Killjoys give up soon, so can move on. Don’t like desert. Too dry, makes skin itchy.

Torture resumes on large one. Makes most amusing scream when jabbed in liver with knife. Is definitely a…

You sure know how to go through with a good torture session, my dear.

Maybe we should up the ante tomorrow?

Definitely have ideas. Do still have that old diesel generator out back?

…no, no, too strong. Save for when kill. Hmmm…